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The Geekcap: DC's Legends of Tomorrow "Night of the Hawk"

We open in 1958 Harmony Falls to an old-fashioned drag race. Two couples race through dark streets until a tire blows out and runs a car down the road. The crashed car lands near a glowing blue rock where the racers examine. Suddenly, Vandal Savage emerges and remarks that the rock is, in fact, a meteor, and that he has been searching it before coming across these people unexpectedly. Or perhaps, he remarks, it is destiny.

The legends arrive in Harmony Falls where they find Savage has been go on a killing spree with plenty of missing citizens. Although the place may be a small town, they note that Savage is good at hiding and must have a bigger plan than simply murdering townsfolk. Rip attempts to find a connection between the victims by sending the team out investigate them separately. Ray and Kendra examine the home of a murdered piano teacher, despite the more backward thinking of the realtor to Kendra. Sara and Stein examine the asylum where a doctor was murdered with some members of the staff who are a little too interested in Sara. Jax goes to investigate the teens who went missing after the drag race, and Rip and Snart investigate the murders themselves as undercover enforcers.

Stein, Sara, and Jax take a break by a diner where Stein reminisces over the idyllic 50’s, a time less friendly to people like Jax and Sara. Jax can’t help but feel like the town’s the beginning of a horror movie, but the team still have to find out Savage’s plan when Stein and Sara return to the asylum. Jax then spots one of the girls from the drag race and attempts to talk with her before being interrupted by two jocks. Jax stands up to them before they immediately back off. The girl, Betty, then asks if he can hang out later.

Ray and Kendra continue their ruse as a married couple, finding a sweet sense of joy after their kiss in the previous episode, while Stein and Sara are less thrilled about their position. Stein suggests Sara search for the files of inmates with violent histories, but Sara becomes preoccupied with a particularly lecherous doctor against a nurse, Lindsy. Lindsy thanks Sara for the helping noting that many of the doctors want a good time with most of the nurses agreeing in order to get married. When Sara asks about her, Lindsy states that she’s “not looking to get married” and gives Sara a tour. The tour ends at Hall H where Lindsy notes is Dr. Knox’s personal hall for psychotic patients. To Sara’s surprise, she sees from a picture on the wall that Dr. Knox is, in fact, Vandal Savage.

Back in the neighborhood, Kendra finds herself greeted at the door by her new neighbors, the Knoxes. Curtis and Gail act neighborly and invite Kendra and Ray over to a party at their house with some underlining recognition on Savage’s part. Kendra deduces that while Savage recognizes her, he doesn’t know that she is from a different time and believes she is unaware of her history. Namely, he cannot steal her powers if she has yet to discover them herself. Rip and Snart have yet to find any evidence on Savage’s crime while Jax questions Snart’s loyalty after he iced his former partner Rory. Meanwhile, a man is murdered by hawk-like creature.

Sara continues to search for files in Knox’s office before running into Lindsy who offers her some wine from a doctor’s secret stash. Ray and Kendra mingle at Knox’s party with guests who are still unacquainted with a mixed “marriage.” Ray, however, states that he has the most beautiful woman in the room at his arm. Although Savage lurks over them, Kendra suggests they split up with Ray looking for evidence and Kendra staying at the party, believing that Savage wouldn’t kill her next to the canapes. Sara and Lindsy continue a talk with the nurse fascinated by Sara’s extensive life while she has never left Harmony Falls. Sara quickly asks if she has a girlfriend, making Lindsy uncomfortable, but Sara states that she can keep a secret. Lindsy reveals that she has kissed a girl but feels nervous about being a lesbian. Stein warns Sara against seducing a nurse in 1958, but the lecture’s interrupted when there’s an emergency in Hall H.

Ray’s search unfortunately only takes him to a sealed door. Savage nearly confronts Kendra but receives a call regarding Hall H and must leave. At Hall H, Savage confronts one of his rowdy “patients,” revealed to be a mutant hawk-creature made from one of the drag racers. Ray and Kendra inform Rip about Savage’s hidden room while Jax prepares for a date with Betty.

As the ATOM, Ray sneaks into Savage’s room. While the search is mostly uneventful, he finds the ancient dagger right to kill Savage before Savage returns. Sara continues to talk to Lindsy who notes some apprehension regarding Hall H and what goes down there. When Sara presses a little further, Lindsy interrupts by kissing Sara. Sara, overwhelmed by this response, quickly leaves.

Jax and Betty park out in a woods where Betty quickly kisses Jax. Jax asks that they take it slow and asks about her old boyfriend. Betty begins to discuss the drag race when they are interrupted by the two jocks who hassle the couple. Suddenly, the group is attacked by the hawk creatures who butcher the jocks. When Jax attempts to protect Betty, she recognizes one of the creatures as her former boyfriend. Unfortunately, the fight leaves her wounded, leading Jax to try and take her to Gideon. The two are stopped by a cop, forcing Jax to try and reason around a bleeding white girl in his car. The cop, however, knocks Jax out and drags his body from the scene.

Rip traces Jax’s bio-signature to the car and finds Betty. The group notes that the attack seems to have come from claw marks and, with the remaining details from Betty, believe that the meteor the group came in contact with was a Nth level meteorite, the same one that gave Kendra and Carter their powers. Stein deduces that if they can take residue from Betty’s attack, the might be able to create a cure, and the group attempts to plot a final attack on Savage using the dagger with Kendra as bait, much to Ray’s discomfort.

Sara than discusses her kiss from Lindsy with Stein, remarking that she was actually the one to move away from it. In light of what has happened, Sara has discovered who she could end up hurting if this relationship continues. Meanwhile, Jax wakes up in Savage’s clutches before he too becomes another hawk-like monster. Enacting the plan, Kendra moves to distract Savage while Ray and Rip go undercover as a patient and orderly, respectively. To save Jax, Snart and Stein search beneath the asylum.

While Kendra nearly distracts him with a kiss, Savage sees through her plan and steals her dagger. Savage releases the creatures on Snart and Stein, leading to an all-out war in the asylum. Snart and Stein face the transformed Jax while Sara protects Lindsy. Kendra fights Savage before Ray blasts him out a window. Within the chaos, the team retrieve Jax.

Thanks to a serum created by Gideon and Stein, the team manages to cure Jax and the rest of the victims. Sara and Lindsy then share a heartfelt goodbye with Lindsy noting that she shouldn’t have fallen for a ninja. Jax leaves a parting gift for Betty, a new car, before saying goodbye to her as well. Ray also confronts Kendra and agrees to be less protective of Kendra in future missions. After learning that Snart chose not to kill Jax in the fight, Jax finally apologies for his attitude and acknowledges Snart as a part of the team, much to Snart’s dismay.

The team wait for Ray, Kendra, and Sara before leaving 1958. However, the plan changes when their ship is attacked by Chronos. In the midst of the attack, the Waverider appears to take off and vanish from 1958, leaving Ray, Kendra, and Sara behind. 

Notable Quotes

Stein: “I’m not the only one whose vision is blurry in the left eye.” 

Sara: “Just so you know, R’as al Ghul taught me how to kill someone slowly, over the course of days.

Ray: “Say what you want about Savage. He makes one hell of a casserole.”

Lindsy: “Should have known better than to fall for a ninja.”  

Kendra: “Fate is a prison. When free will is gone, what’s left?"

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