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The Geekcap: Arrow "Broken Hearts"

In Star City, a couple is being held hostage by Cupid. She asks the two how much they love each other, and each replies with their whole lives. With this response, she instead rebukes them that love is a bullet to the brain or, in this case, an arrow to the heart. She then fires two arrows killing the couple. A court case begins with the people represented by Laurel against Damien Darhk. Darhk’s lawyer moves to end the case by claiming that his client, Kenneth Bender, had nothing to do with the case. Laurel protests that he was found at the scene of a kidnapping case, but the lawyer remarks that Bender too was kidnapped and that Laurel has no proof of anything otherwise beyond the words of the media.

Meanwhile, Felicity begins organizing her items for the moving truck as she prepares to leave the loft. Oliver remarks on how well her physical therapy is doing with Felicity adding that Paul and Curtis are a perfect team, the marrying type. While the two are still awkward regarding their recent breakup, they still attempt to help each other with canceling the wedding plans. Felicity, however, states that she will still remain part of the team, just like she was before they were an item, something that surprises Oliver. 

In the flashback, Reiter forces Oliver and Taiana through the tunnel until the group comes to a totem, the same one that will be owned by Damien Darhk. Reiter tells them the story of him growing up in Africa, how his entire village was destroyed. From that moment, he vowed that he would never be powerless again. Oliver questions him on what makes him different than the men who killed the villagers, but Reiter states that he is different. To prove it, he kills one of his own men.

After a slow night in the city, the team returns to the base to have Laurel alert them to Darhk’s case. Since the ghost at the scene took a cyanide pill and Andy’s officially dead, there is no one left to testify against Darhk. Diggle suggests himself, Thea, and Felicity since they were kidnapped by Darhk at the holiday party. Laurel states that a kidnapped fiancĂ© would make a sympathetic story, only to have Felicity reveal to the team that she and Oliver are no longer a couple. Thea then informs Oliver that Lance wants to talk to him about a special case. When Oliver arrives, he finds the kidnapped couple placed in a heart shape with a note that reads “Love is dead.”

Thea: "It's Cupid, stupid."

Team Arrow begins to work on the fact that Cupid has returned. Diggle reveals that she likely moved her way out of prison after working for Task Force X. When Thea recognizes the couple murdered as Blaine and Shannon, the wedding of the decade, the team believes that she is murdering high-profile couples. In the meantime, Diggle begins to testify on the kidnapping, but Darhk’s lawyer starts to poke holes in Diggle’s credibility by revealing his and Thea’s purchase of cocaine a few months earlier. While Laurel tries to argue against this relevance, the lawyer persists in proving Diggle and Thea’s mistrust. When the angle fails, Lance offers to testify himself as an accomplice to Darhk, but Laurel refuses since the act would implicate him as well. Felicity tracks Cupid in another kidnapping of a high profile couple Alison and Robert (Alibert), and the team moves.

Oliver and Thea track Cupid stealing a limo with the newlyweds. When Thea tries to grab hold of the vehicle, she’s thrown off when it crashes into warehouse. Against Felicity’s advice, Oliver goes after Cupid alone. While he finds and rescues the couple, Cupid attacks him by surprise. He tries to bring her in, but she escapes. When the team returns to the base, Thea and Diggle note Oliver and Felicity’s tension when Felicity says she understands Cupid’s pathology against couples. The two suggest to Oliver that he talks to Felicity about wanting to get back together, since it may be something Felicity wants to hear. Back on the island, the man who Reiter killed has his soul drawn out by the totem. When Reiter tries to draw power from it, Oliver and Taiana use it as a chance to escape while Taiana steals the totem.

Lance once again approaches Laurel about being put on the stand, especially none of the other holiday party witnesses will stand up to Darhk. Laurel doesn’t want to see her father in jail, but she agrees to let him on the stand as long as he says that he was under duress from Darhk threatening her. Felicity tracks Cupid’s movements to a single location where the team searches next. While they don’t find Cupid, they find a shrine of high-profile couples she plans to take out, the next one being Oliver and Felicity. From that shrine, Oliver says that a way to draw her out would be to fake their wedding with Thea and Diggle apprehending Cupid in the attack, an idea Felicity dreads. Thea plans to leak the news of a small personal wedding to drive the news while Oliver uses the service he never cancelled. Felicity nevertheless says that their relationship is over.

On the island, Reiter radios to Oliver that they can either willfully surrender or his men will shoot them. Taiana tries to break the totem but finds that she cannot break it. At court, Lance takes the stand and testifies against Darhk and H.I.V.E. through the crimes he committed after Darhk threatened his daughter. When Darhk’s lawyer tries to undermine his words, Lance says that he is risking his entire career revealing his connection to the crimes. He wouldn’t be saying these things unless they were true.

Oliver: “I will never lie to you again. You are my always, and I just want the chance to be yours.”

The team prepares for the wedding with Thea on sight, Diggle outside the building, and the paparazzi in the lobby. While the wedding is fake, Oliver and Felicity prepare and come dressed prepared for the event. Felicity wants to quickly end the ceremony by speeding through her vows on wanting to move on to the next chapter. However, Oliver personalizes his fake vow by stating that Felicity is his light and his always, and if he had a chance, he would never lie to her again. Before Felicity can respond, the two are interrupted by Cupid who fires an arrow into Oliver’s chest and plans to blow up the building. Oliver stands up, revealing that he had a Kevlar suit to protect himself. Cupid still plans to destroy the building after losing two men that she loved, the Arrow and Deadshot. Her actions will prove that love is death, but Felicity steps in and says that love is worth living for, that it ultimately changed her life and gave her hope. This gives enough time for Thea and Diggle to move in and take down Cupid while Oliver prevents her from blowing up the building.

Felicity: "Love is life itself and if I die tonight, it’ll be okay, because I was one of those people lucky enough to have experienced it."

Oliver and Felicity leave the lobby among many paparazzi with Oliver remarking on Felicity’s words. Oliver believes that the two should talk about what they said, but Felicity says she’s too tired to think about what happened. On the island, Oliver and Taiana defeat some of Reiter's men, taking back their guns and the fight to him. At the trial, the judge states that while there is limited evidence against Darhk, Lance’s testimony has proven to be especially interesting, opening the case to full trial and having them hold Darhk in custody without bail. Unfortunately, Lance’s testimony also forces him to be suspended pending an investigation of his actions.

Oliver and Felicity finally confront each other on their words. While Felicity states that she loves him, she doesn’t believe that she can be with him or marry him. Oliver says that he will change, but Felicity says that there will always be a part of him that will be the man on the island, someone who acts alone. As a final response, Felicity quits the team seeing it as too painful to see each other every night and not be together.

In the final scene, Darhk is placed in prison but secretly retains his ring which he places on his finger with a smile.

Arrow Afterthoughts

  • Alison and Robert's couple name Alibert doesn't just represent the wedding of the century. It may also be a shout-out to actress Ali Liebert who notably doubled for Felicity in "A.W.O.L." and appeared in Legends of Tomorrow as Sara's nurse love interest Lindsy Carlisle.
  • Look out for the first on-screen reference to the popular trend Olicity near the end of the episode!
  • Was anyone else surprised at Thea's knowledge of Star City power couples? She was so on point in this episode!
  • Oliver and Felicity may have remained broken up this week, but could there be "A Beacon of Hope" next week? (I couldn't resist)

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