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Geektified's review of the Thor: Raganrok Comic-Con trailer

By Jim Scroggs
JHScroggs on Twitter and Instagram
July 24th, 2017
Edited by Katie Westbrooks    

     One of the worst kept secrets this past weekend was seeing a new Thor trailer at comic-con. Everyone was expecting it. This is easily one of the most anticipated MCU films to date because of the amazing look, sound and characters that will be shown so let’s dive into what the newest trailer for Thor:Ragnarok has to offer.

    The opening shot is of a ship flying into a city, presumably where Thor is being held. We hear Thor's voice talk about his last few days in losing his hammer, going on a journey of self-discovery and meeting someone - who I can probably assume isn't Hulk/Bruce Banner because his tone changed from the previous time we saw him speak. Bruce is being shown something by Thor but the voice that can be heard saying "Where are we?" sounded kind of robotic so I don't know who that is exactly.

    Thor confirms that Hela is the Goddess of Death so that could be an emphasis on what drives Thanos as he "courts death". Hela is shown in all her glory with the headdress walking into Asgard saying that she missed this, so maybe she's been out of the game for a while, based on her reaction, of course. Thor tells Bruce that they had a fight and Bruce asks if he won. By the footage shown, Thor didn't win at all but he says he did. Bruce questions it but of course Thor thinks he won easily so that could be a preview of a great comedic moment between the two.

    Hela is seen putting on her headdress, saying "Asgard is dead" and what follows is some other footage that we've already seen. Thor explains what Ragnarok is, along with a new shot of Hella, and he says we need to put together a team "Like the old days". The first shot of Valkyrie in full armor, ready to go to battle is shown and she looks amazing.  A circle pan shot of Hulk is shown, looking a tad different from his last appearance in Age of Ultron. And the last member of the team is who else but Loki. Thor, Valkyrie and Bruce don't look too happy to see him while he sits in a cell (big surprise) and he says this will be "such fun". Honestly, I know we've seen Loki be a complete brat but I really think he's making a slight turn to the not as evil side. Why else would he keep helping Thor over and over? Yes, I know he's probably playing him since he's involved with Thanos but Loki is arrogant enough to think that he could outsmart Thanos.

    The next few shots are of Thor jumping out of a window, him and Loki attacking soldiers, Valkyrie ready for battle, a giant wolf and Hulk going at it (I can't believe I'm typing that sentence), a newer look at The Collector, Skurge and shots of Valkyrie, Bruce flying a ship, Heimdal in a forest, battle shots of Thor, Loki, Hela. And in this movies "team shot" Hela asks " What are you the god of again?" Thor comes down engulfed in lightning and electricity and I can't wait to see how that sequence happens on screen. The final sequence is Thor and Hulk talking.  Yes, Hulk is having a full conversation comparing the both of them and I want to see how that develops yesterday.

   This is going to be the perfect way to transition into Infinity War and even if it wasn't part of a greater universe, it still looks like an incredibly fun movie and this is what this Thor franchise needs to cap off its run.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 3rd, 2017

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