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Geektified's review of the Justice League Comic-Con trailer


By Jim Scroggs
JHScroggs on Twitter and Instagram
July 24th, 2017
Edited by Katie Westbrooks


        Wonder Woman was a global success for WB and DC Films, which was what we as fans all wanted so the momentum for this film is swinging in the right direction. The cast of Justice League, minus Henry Cavil, gathered in San Diego to celebrate the release of the newest and I pray, final trailer of Justice League.  So, what our favorite DC heroes are up to?

      The trailer starts with faceless thugs breaking into a public place with children. The children appear to be on a school trip so maybe it could be the museum that Diana works at. Wonder Woman comes dodging bullets, taking a gun to the back of the head  - which obviously does nothing - and it ends with her sweeping the legs out from under these guys. The next shot is a coworker asking Diana what she did over the weekend -  of course, she downplays her activities.

     The next series of shots has a voice over of a news broadcast detailing how the world is still mourning Superman from London to Metropolis – so, it's clear he is missed. Jim Gordon is seen turning on the Bat signal as well as another voice over asking where the Gotham bat is – as Batman looks over the city of Metropolis, I believe. Diana and Bruce are talking with Diana saying "You said the age of heroes would never come again" with Bruce responding "It has to."

     A shot of Themescyrara comes up with someone saying "something is coming." A beam of light comes from the sky into a chamber of some sort on the island and Hippolyta looks really concerned. I'm not quite sure if that's a flashback or in what context she shows up but It's always great to see her, especially after the performance Connie Neilsen gave in Wonder Woman.  What comes from the sky is our first look at Steppenwolf. I believe it's the voice of Steppenwolf and it sounds like he says "No protectors here". Theres a shot of Aquaman swimming up to a throne or something like that then it gets a little interesting.

     Individual shots of the Justice League members follow with possibly the voice of Steppenwolf saying "No Lanterns," "No Kryptonian," and "This world will fall like all the others." But the coolest shot of the members of the Justice League is Barry Allen vibrating his finger to break through the glass by stretching it.

     Alfred and Bruce are seen talking with Alfred saying, "One misses the day when one's biggest concern was wind up exploding penguins." Arthur Curry doesn't have much confidence in this whole thing saying, "We're all going to die," as the Batmobile flies out of the flying fox ready for battle. Bruce has a speech ready to go asking everyone to not hold back as Diana says, "Don't engage alone. We do this together.”

    Barry seems a little out of place with doing battle since he says he "just pushes someone and runs away." The Nightcrawler seems to have hit a snag somewhere and Cyborg uses his technological abilities to take over the situation telling Alfred, "I've got it from here." Alfred has a nice line of confusion asking "Do I know you?"

    Some battle shots that are just extended from what we've already seen but the coolest of them is Aquaman riding a dead parademon like a surf board in the sky. The trailer somewhat concludes with Jim Gordon on the roof with Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg asking how many are there. Batman responds with not enough and everyone disappears except for Flash. He realizes it and calls it rude how they just vanished, then he does it himself. The trailer closes with Alfred working on something but the ripples of a water glass tip him off that something is close by. He looks up, recognizes someone and says "He said you'd come. Let's hope it's not too late."

    The biggest mystery of the trailer is the last scene – and I think it's either Superman or a Lantern. I know the obvious choice is Superman, so if WB is trying to pull the wool over our eyes, maybe Bruce has been doing research on the Lantern lore. Who knows, but over all this movie looks fun and a nice direction that everyone has wanted from WB and DC.

Justice League hits theaters November 17th

Justice League 2017 Comic-Con Trailer

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