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Rick and Morty Recap: Season 3 Returns!!!

For all you Rick and Morty fans out there you know how long we waited for this season.  The wait was worth it, and I can’t wait for tonight’s all new episode. Each episode thus far has given us plenty of laughs and insight into the lives of these crazy characters.  I will now prompt the SPOILER ALERT for the remainder of this recap.

"The Rickshank Rickdemption"

Let’s start with the premiere episode that aired on April 1st and the fact that it was the greatest April fool’s joke ever. A surprise episode drop was amazing and scary because I almost missed it. The premiere was non-stop action and humor where Rick gets back at the Federation, the other Rick’s, and Jerry. This episode also brought a lot of attention to a discontinued sauce at McDonald's called Szechuan sauce. The way Rick was going on and on about the sauce had me wanting to give it a try, and I’m sure that plenty of others wanted a taste.
The show also had a guest appearance from Nathan Fillion who I know from Firefly and his character was fantastic. So, let me break it down for you the Federation entered Rick’s mind to learn his secrets. They believed they had them and his back story but this is Rick, and it’s never that simple. He tricks them quickly, escapes and starts jumping through bodies and in an elaborate plan he brings down the Federation, the other Ricks and gets Jerry back.
Through all the madness and plans the episodes finally shows the end of Beth and Jerry relationship. A relationship that has been volatile since the beginning of the show and the aftermath of this breakup will bleed into the remainder of these episodes.  The ending of the episode after the credits has rolled we see the return of Tammy and Bird Person now reborn as Phoenix Person.  So, we have that encounter to look forward to probably in the season finale.

"Rickmancing the Stone"

The second episode of this season had a Mad Max vibe but also dealt with the effects the divorce was having on the kids and Beth. With no effect on Rick he continues to have adventures just like normal but we the audience can tell Morty and Summer changed. Summer is emotionless and kills a man without blinking while Morty starts killing many people with a new arm who has a mind of its own. Beth is wondering how her kids are dealing with the divorce and spent most of the episode with robot versions of her children and Rick.
Jerry is staying in a motel being bullied by a whisper in the wind telling him he is a loser and Dog who eats his unemployment checks. I honestly feel so sorry for Jerry.  Summer, in the end, goes to visit her father and Morty simply states if Dad wanted to be here he would fight to be here. Will they stay separated or will they get back together?

"Pickle Rick"

The third episode was interesting because the family goes to therapy while Rick turns himself into a pickle. And yes, I said a pickle because he wanted to avoid going to therapy which backfired. Rick planned to turn himself back, but Beth took away the reversal antidote, and here we go on another adventure/therapy session. Rick ends up in the sewer and becomes this badass Pickle whose killing rats and people when he accidentally ends up in a secret facility.
This facility brings us a new character that will probably show up in later episodes. Jaguar whose is like this Rambo character who lost his daughter and will help Rick on future adventures. Rick manages to get out of the facility and ends up going to the therapy session anyway but as a pickle.  The session went well but this family has some deep-rooted issues that all lead to Rick and will take a few more episodes to resolve.
The adventures continue tonight at 11:30 pm on Adult Swim Rick and Morty: Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender. Watch the preview below to see what to expect for tonight’s episode.
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